Structure Capital’s Jillian Manus as Panelist for Fintech

Panel at Fintech 2015

Structure Capital’s Jillian Manus sits on panel at Fintech: Silicon Valley Takes On Wall Street at the Cemex Auditorium Knight Management Center.

Nick Shalek, Partner, Ribbit Capital

Baiju Prafulkumar Bhatt, Co-Founder, Robinhood
Libor Michalek, CTO Affirm
Jillian Manus, General Partner, Structure Capital
Jake Fuentes, CEO, Level Money, acquired by Capital One

Finance is no longer a game restricted to the professionals.

Today’s lean, data-driven startups are moving financial services from Wall Street to Main Street. Using artificial intelligence and scalable web platforms, they are leveraging operational efficiencies to drive new business models.

Changes to the regulatory environment following the financial crisis now make it possible for new entrants to offer financial services targeted to Millennials and the middle-class. Fintech startups are poised to disrupt this massive multi-trillion dollar market.

Will Silicon Valley startups succeed at revolutionizing Wall-Street or will they be squashed by the massive power, deep pockets and Capitol Hill connections of centuries old financial behemoths?

Posted on May 20, 2015 in structure-capital-news

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