Architects of the Zero Waste Economy℠

Our portfolio companies span a range of verticals, but they have one thing in common: they strive to eliminate waste. They create significant value out of under-utilized assets. They use precious resources efficiently, reduce overhead, empower individuals, put people to work and help communities grow. They enable more timely and relevant products and experiences, remove friction, and shorten the distance between supply and demand. They invent new business models that change the economics of an industry.


Under-Utilized Assets & Excess Capacity

We see the invisible. 

We see the potential in an idle car or tow truck, an empty stadium seat, a drawer full of outgrown kids clothes, or a vacant workspace. We invest in companies that give structure to the invisible and turn it into something valuable.


Why Now?

Our Team

Not your typical venture team. We’re a diverse team with a vast set of complementary expertise rooted in entrepreneurial success. We have created and built companies that have been acquired for hundreds of millions of dollars. We’ve spotted the billion-dollar plus ‘unicorns’ with early investments in Uber and Salesforce.

With over 70 years combined experience, we bring ideas, guidance and support to our portfolio companies across a wide range of expertise including: Engineering, Sales, Marketing/PR, Science, Media/Entertainment, Law, Politics/Policy.

We value diversity, empathy and sustainability. We believe they fuel the financial success of our portfolio.

Meet the Team

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

— Steve Jobs —

Portfolio: Mission Driven Entrepreneurs

We look for founders who are fueled by ideas and ideals. They define success in terms of building value for investors, customers, employees, and their community. Both tenacious and empathetic, they’ll overcome any obstacle to succeed. These are the entrepreneurs that turn ideas into powerful brands with a purpose and a point of view.

Portfolio Companies
Jobs Created
Countries Reached

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What our Entrepreneurs say

  • Structure Capital has been an extremely valuable and active investor in SurfAir from the company’s inception. They have consistently provided business insights and advice well beyond just their financial investment. In addition, they’ve taken a vested interest in supporting the growth of our company through key business and prospective member introductions.

    — Jeff Potter, CEO SurfAir —
  • There are a lot of VCs in Silicon Valley that claim that they will support their portfolio companies in time of need. Structure Capital is one of the few that actually does – that’s invaluable and is a direct reflection of what type of firm they are.

    — Charles Michael Yim, CEO Beathometer —
  • Structure Capital has a sixth sense for seeing the dream inside a spreadsheet, for seeing what can come when passion and purpose converge. Poliwogg is democratizing opportunities to invest in health companies. The leadership at Structure got it so fast I started to wonder if it was their idea. With their expertise in building businesses, branding and marketing we can get to the finish line faster. Structure checked the opportunity, not the boxes.

    — Greg Simmon, CEO Poliwogg —
  • We absolutely love Structure Capital. Whether we need industry connections or product advice, they always deliver. They’re a founder’s dream: they make fast investment decisions and provide value where it’s needed. We give them a resounding two thumbs up!

    — Evan Owens, CEO Pogoseat —

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